Interop Summit

Reception for executives of exhibitors, at the first exhibition day's night 1830-2000.



Three Executive Committee Chairs:
Kotake-san of Location Business Japan,
Kamise-san of IMC (Interop Media Convergence) and
Murai-san of Interop.

Greetings from Jun Murai, Executive Committee Chair, Interop.

Cover shot.

IPv6 Promotion Council Awarding Ceremony


To Otsuka Corporation (a dealer and system integrator, especially for an SMB market).
Presenter: Jun Murai, Chair, IPv6 Promotion Council.


To UQ Communications (a WiMAX operator).
Presenter: Hiroshi Esaki, Executive Director, IPv6 Promotion Council.


by Kotake-san.

Greetings from Ministries


Shuji Yamaguchi,
Computer Communications Division,
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Kiyoshi Sawaki,
Information Economy Division,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Craig C?
Embassy of The United States in Japan.



Hiroshi Fujiwara,

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