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OpenFlow Usage

Network Protection


A display at the NICT booth.

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Blue: TCP_SYN,
Yellow: TCP_SYN_ACK,
Green: TCP_ACK,
Pink: TCP_FIN,
Cobalt: TCP_RST,
Vermilion: TCP_PUSH,
Pale Blue: TCP_OTHER,
Red: UDP and
White: ICMP.


Exhibits in NOC

Facility related products.


A printer.

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A NOC member list, and Takahashi-san, Founder of Interop Tokyo.

Network Service


An example of APs.

ShowNet Access Corner,
behind PODs

20th Interop Tokyo Special Exhibit


Network Topologies 1994-2013 Tokyo.

Another Task: Promotion Support


Dispatched NOC members to a booth seminar of a ShowNet contirbutor, as one of their important missions during the show.

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