I'll mention only ones which I was able to attend:
- Opening Speech,
- [K-01] Intel,
- [K-02] Three Japanese SNS Providers,
- [K-07] 20th Interop Tokyo Special Dialog, and
- [K-12] ONF

Cover Shots


A queue before the door open.

Conference Hall (full size usage): capacity 1,000.

Ditto (half size usage): capacity 500.

Opening Speech


Executive Committees Chairs, including concurrent events.

Jun Murai,
Keio University.


Chiharu Kamise,
Fuji Television.

Interop Media Convergence.

Ichiya Nakamura,
Keio University.

Digital Signage Japan.

Naohiko Kotake,
Keio University.

Location Business Japan.

Hiroshi Fujiwara,

Smart Device Japan.

[K-01] Intel — Opening Keynote


President, Intel Japan.


Mr. Saito,
McAfee Japan.

[K-02] Three Japanese SNS Providers


(l-r) Moderator, Niwango (Niconicodoga), Gree and Line.

[K-07] 20th Interop Tokyo Special Dialog


Who is the special guest Murai-san greeting?

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee.

Having a talk.

[K-12] ONF


Dan Pitt (Flash).

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Dan Pitt (No Flash).

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