OpenFlow: Related Activities



SDN concept from the viewpoint of an operator — non-OpenFlow.

Hitachi Cable with Nicira


Live migration demonstration.

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HP with Intel





Photo at NOC.

IP Infusion


Planning a similar solution to Nicira.

IXIA with Big Switch


Analyzer with a function of OpenFlow controller emulation (yellow cable).



Demonstration using an EX4200.



Cover shot.

OpenStack+OpenFlow: Open cloud.

OpenStack+OpenFlow: Automated operation.

Alignment with NEC's management tool "WebSAM."

SDN using OpenFlow.


Nissho Electronics with Nicira



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NICT: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

An incorporated administrative agency.

Nation wide OpenFlow testbed "RISE."

ONF: Open Networking Foundation


Dan Pitt made a speech at the reception.

Interop Itself — (1) Hands-on


One-day hands-on was held by Nissho Electronics and Nicira. @¥65,000.

Interop Itself — (2) ShowNet


OpenFlow part in the ShowNet, providing (1) cooperation with the security equipment, (2) a connectivity for NOC members and (3) a QoS self-demonstration by show attendees at POD 4.

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Panel 1/2.

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Panel 2/2.

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