Opening Keynote

Schedule Panel


Cover Shot


Conference Hall for Keynotes.

Opening Speech


Oshima-san, Producer.

Chairs of Executive Committees.

Jun Murai,
Keio University.

Interop (including Smart Device Japan).

Chiharu Kamise,
Fuji Television.

Interop Media Convergence.

Ichiya Nakamura,
Keio University.

Digital Signage Japan.

Naohiko Kamitake,
Keio University.

Location Business Japan.

Hiroshi Fujiwara,

Toru Takahashi,
Internet Hall of Fame.

Opening Keynote by Google


Shin'ichi Abe,
Managing Director, Google

Introduced Google Earth and Maps Enterprise.

Moritani-san explained details.

Next Keynote by 3 Mobile Carriers


"Where are the Japanese Mobile Phones Heading For Next? — Latest Challenges by the Three Major Carriers —"

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