Las Vegas vs Tokyo

  Las Vegas 2011 Tokyo 2011
Since 1994 1994
Venue Mandalay Bay Convention Center
(1994-2004: Las Vegas Convention Center)
Makuhari Messe (in Chiba-city)
Concurrent events Nothing Interop Media Convergence 2011
Digital Signage Japan 2011
Organizer UBM TechWeb NANO OPT Media
Event length Conference 5 days (Sun.-Thu.) 4 days (Tue.-Fri.)
Exhibition 3 days (Tue.-Thu.) 3 days (Wed.-Fri.)
# of Attendees 18,000 (prediction) 128,128
Participation pattern Hotel stay Day trip (about 30 min. / 20 miles from Tokyo station by train)
# of Exhibitors Official 350+ 275
The author's strict count 303 223
Show area Name SHORELINES A·B HALL 4·5·6
Capacity 367,060ft2 = 34,101m2 217,969ft2 = 20,250m2
Actual use about 80%
almost 100%
Expo hours Day 1 1000-1700 1030-1800
Day 2 1000-1700 1000-1800
Day 3 1000-1500 1000-1700
Morning keynotes scheduling Sequential (830-1000) Overlapped
Visitor's badge Material Plastic Paper
ID system RFID Barcode
"Trip Report" Yes No
Award Name "Best of Interop" "Best of Show"
Ceremony No Sequentially at each winner's booth
Care for venture companies Name "Startup City" "Venture Pavilion"
# of participants 5 32
Lab(s) OpenFlow No
Drawing Keynote iPad No
Show floor "Passport Program":
iPad (at least Free T-shirt), redeeming all 6 poker chips
"Early Birds Campaign":
Baseball tickets, etc. (at least candies), for 2,000 early brids each day
Alcohol drinking "Booth Crawl" (Day 2 1530-) No
Attendee Party Venue eyecandy, Mandalay Bay Hotel No
Date Day 1 n/a
Exhibitor Party Venue Haze Nightclub, Aria Resort Hotel and Casino Hotel New Otani Makuhari (as "Interop Summit")
Date Day 2 Day 1
Media Blog No
Twitter @interop_events @InteropTokyo10
Facebook Interop,
Interop Tokyo
Flickr interopevents No
Backbone network Name "InteropNet" "ShowNet"
Policy Lightness Big-ship-and-big-gun
External connection total bandwidth 2Gbps
(1Gbps to Sunnyvale + 1Gbps to Denver)
(100Gbps × 2 + 10Gbps × 11, to downtown Tokyo)
Actual external traffic about 100Mbps 6Gbps 4k HDTV stream + α
Routing protocols IPv4, IPv6 IPv4, IPv6
IPv4 address space
IPv6 address space 2620:144: 2001:3e8:
Show floor PODs # of PODs 8 1 (as "Powersaving/Temporary NOC")
# of racks for each POD 1 1 (Half rack)
Air cooling Fanless rack Fanless rack
NOC Construction Fishbowl Hidden room
# of racks 9 13 (in Backbone Booth) +
 9 (in Datacenter Booth)
"NOC Tour" Name "InteropNet Tour" "ShowNet Walking Tour"
Length 30 min. 60 min.
Public address system Electric megaphone Wireless microphone / Wireless receiver
Night life Excellent Very poor, around Makuhari

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