This is almost a legend—
Another NOC Tour, to Mt.Fuji

In 1996, after the show, we attempted to climb Mt.Fuji. We can go to the 5th station at 2,300m (7,550ft) using a car. We started there at 21:00 and some of us -- yeah,"not all"-- arrived at the top at 5:00.

Overnight climbing is very popular to look at the sunrise at the top.

No! It's FIJI...

    Yes, Mt.Fuji. The highest mountain in Japan.

Robin, Marten, Doug, Jim, Chris and Arimoto (l-r), taking a rest at the 7th station, 2,700m (8,860ft).

At the ORIGINAL 8th Station (so they display "9").

The sign of a hotel at their back says here is at 3,400m (11,155ft).

Chris, Marten, Jim and Doug(the man who suggested this trip:-) gave up to climb on, here.

But they did climb to 11,155ft!

    Rising Sun

Climber, Climber.

A sign of "Sengen Shrine at the top of Mt. Fuji" and the national flag.

There is a crowd over clouds. The end of July is the best season to climb Mt.Fuji.

    Three brave souls -- Roy, Robin and Arimoto (l-r),
    at 3,740m (12,270ft), at the edge of the crater.
    The real summit is around the radar dome, 3,776m (12,388ft).