1995 Hot Stage

    Here comes PED!
    "System Solutions Center Tochigi" in Tochigi Prefecture, located about 65 miles north of Tokyo,
    was the hot staging site for the 95 Tokyo.

Mal (ITM), Koizumi, Roy, Genki and Tsukano (l-r).
Genki, Kazu-k, Tsukano, Youki, Mal, Roy, Matsuyama and Aizawa (l-r).

    Naoki "Genki" Wada, with his Fujitsu router at "J-Ped" in Ped 68.

    Back (l-r), Kodama, Jim, Robin, Johnny, Marten, Doug, Wej and Stan.
    Front (l-r), Tomoo, Mal, Ayumi and Tsukano.
Robin, Stan and Marten (l-r).
Kodama is settig off fireworks as Tsukano, a NetWare specialist looks on.
"Mal" Maruyama, only one ITM at the hot stage.
For world peace!

Ayumi—Tomoo's wife—and Robin (l-r).