1994 Hot Stage

    360 Carribean Drive, Sunnyvale. Hot Stage Test Facility.
Inside of the Warehouse.
Another angle.
Johnny is playing guitar at a lunch break.

Does anybody remember the full words of the "Backbone connected Chipcom..." song?
94 Tokyo is the show to which Cisco came back.
Black guy at the top is DigitalLink's HSSI-DS-3 convertor.
Purple one is Rarscom's ATM Terminal Adaptor from DS-3 Serial to OC-3 ATM.
They made the show avoid any coax cables between PEDs:
[Router]===HSSI===[DL]===DS-3==[Rarscom]===OC-3 ATM===>
Dirk's Refrigerator.

This was our first time for Japanese NOCs to see a real American size refrigerator.
Taking a break under the Californian blue sky.

Sugita(a helper for Hot Stage from Fujitsu), Hara, Koizumi, Okada, Suguru and Osamu (l-r), while Kodama is squatting down.
Fisherman's Wharf.

From left to right,
Arimoto, Alex, Dirk?, Suguru;
Johnny, John, Robin, Hara? and Kodama.
The other table.

From left to right,
Koizumi, Okada;
Manabu, Osamu, Eric and Stan.
The way to the Hotel "Wyndom."

Sometimes it is also used as the runway for Thunderbird 2.